Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Culture Shocked!

In the last two and a half weeks, there have been quite a few things that have caught me by surprise, to say the least.Travelling in a place that's so different from North America or Europe is exciting, and I am so glad I'm here, but it's strange how it's the smallest things that make a huge difference:

Things I love:
  • Fresh fruit: Tastes completely different here; so much sweeter, rich tasting. It comes washed, cut, and in a cute little bag with a stick to eat it for 50 cents.

  • Shoe shopping: Clothes are regular price...but shoes!!! Wow, so artistic, so different, so cheap!
  • Location: We are so close to sooo many countries I've never been to. Travel plans ahead!

Things to get used to:

  • Cappuccino Withdrawal: I've got myself down to one espresso a day, sometimes none, mostly because they are $4 or $5 here & not available on campus. Real Italian coffee only lives in the business/tourist areas .
  • Not so chocolately chocolate: You all know I'm a dark chocolate fan: the real, Swiss, bitter chocolate. Japanese imported chocolate just doesn't taste the same; I'm down to the occasional Toblerone.
  • The Gym: Ok, I cracked...couldn't stand NTU's tiny, old, little home-sized gym. Working out is really not a big thing here. I have joined what I like to call an "ex-pat gym"-- Planet Fitness in Raffles Place. Brand new, huge, awesome fitness classes, weights...and, surprisingly empty.
  • Veggie Food: Not so available on campus here. Rented a mini-fridge to grocery shop and cook in the mini "kitchen"
  • I Miss the Snow?!: Well, a cold breeze would be nice at least. Step outside and you feel like you're walking through a fog of heat; soaked in sweat in just 5 minutes. Luckily my office has central air conditioning!

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Anonymous said...

ouch on the coffee stuff there Sapna, I dunno how you do it, one espresso a day...I'm going crazy here if I don't get my coffee fix, and here you are managing to fight the habit. Well done.