Monday, September 25, 2006

NTU: Campus Life in Singapore

Before I got here, I thought all uni campuses were somewhat similar...your standard dorm, tons of hall activities, parties,a small variety of cafes & restaurants, a campus bar, etc.
Turns out this campus has a different culture entirely! A good experience...there will be many stories! The dorms here are very basic and quiet, lizards and cats run freely,and food is extremely cheap but comes from a simple canteen (Chinese mostly). Very little for vegetarians!
The Pics: Fellow Travellers: Joanne, Dennis, Eugene, Mandy
My dorm room, thanks to IKEA.

People study hard, have a few small activities, and don't frequent the campus bar, where drinks
are $8 (60% cheaper than most places). In fact, the bar is called the "Staff Club"and students don't know where it is---they kicked us out at 12:05. Saturday night's quest to find a bar was quite the challenge; seems we have to stick to the "ex-pat" areas; $15 beer anyone?

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Anonymous said...

OMG - $15 for a beer is highway robbery! Your dorm room looks very roomy and cosy. Any news on a roomie? Are you lodging solo for now, with the impending threat of a roomie at some point in the future!!?