Thursday, September 28, 2006

Working At BLUE

BLUE is marketing consulting company (our CEO is Canadian!) We have offices in London, Beijing, Tokyo, Sao Paulo (California), and New York and do business in 42 countries. How exciting is that?!

Companies like HP and Johnson & Johnson hire us to help them do market research, design a marketing strategy, create ads and promotions, and retain their customers. Most of our focus is on interactive campaigns, (website development, databases) but we also do other forms of media like print ads.

Right now I'm working on research in the "game industry" so I'm researching the people who make video games for systems like Nintendo Wii, XBOX 360 and PS3.
A really cool link; the university I'm staying at (NTU) actually has a computer lab that makes video games right here on campus. They've done some cool stuff to help kids that can't walk feel like they "virtually" can.

People here are really great; the CEO takes the new people out for lunch every month to explain how the company works. Sounds like they have great customer service, and awesome HR. They really care that you're happy here and seem to do a lot to make sure you are! (Except for the intern pay that NTU students get through this exchange, I think I'm going to like this job)

Kenny, the managing director, got a surprise birthday celebration yesterday. We each wrote something on a sticky note, and they decorated his office. Made him chug Heineken, eat sushi loaded with wasabi, and then try to find the hidden card in all the post notes!


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4Wheels and a WingNut said...

Hey!! Just wanted to say that you're blog looks awesome so far... can't wait to see the pics!!!

And that comment that the security guard made to you about being indian... what the hell? :P