Thursday, October 05, 2006

Asian Ads:

Thought I'd add a fun post here, just notes on billboards, ads and packaging I've seen in Singapore so far. Will keep adding to the list :-)

  • Ad in shop window: "Female sales assistant required. Age 17 to 33 only apply" much for the equal opportunity employer!
  • The sex of Pocky Sticks: Apparently cookies discriminate as well. The Men's pocky sticks are dark and bitter, the ladies are milky & sweet. Hmm...I think I like the Men better.

  • Warning on staircase in Chinese Garden: Yes, playing with fire in the garden was first on my list...
  • Ad title in newspaper for computer/printer: "Leave earlier and still impress the boss".

  • Sign in local apartment elevator:

They say it locks you in if you try!

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