Thursday, October 12, 2006

One Size Fits All? A Note on Shopping in Singapore

You may have heard that Singapore is a shopper's paradise...ok, yes, it is true that they shop A LOT, but paradise is expensive, except for millions of shoes and purses!

Does one size fit all? Here, they assume it does. In fact, a lot of the smaller shops carry "free-size" only. At first, it sounds like they're saying "three size(s)", but nope, one size. And on some sale racks, you can't even try the size on. Ladies, if you are bigger than a size 4 (Canadian), watch out! They are very blunt about telling you exactly where you're too big for the clothes to fit and why...

"That's M-size, won't fit. You need XL-size, la. Don't worry, L-size will stretch".
To give them credit,they are very good at guessing sizes.If they say it won't fit, it won't. They are also gorgeous. Most women look like models, all day. They fit into the tiny little train seats well, have perfect hair, makeup, everything. Some consolation...I'm sure the average bra size here is AA.

So,where do you shop? Anywhere, everywhere; there's a shopping centre under every MRT station.However, Singaporeans do walk slow. Slooooooooooooow, to be more accurate, so that can get annoying. Edmontonians, daily shopping here is like West Edmonton Mall on a Saturday before xmas!

Even at the gym here, I feel enormous! They may walk slow, but some of them can kickbox like characters from Mortal Kombat. Since an intern here makes less than a quarter of what they would in Canada, in SGD (ie: $4 an hour) maybe this is motivation not to shop!

Who am I kidding? Malaysia,here I come!


Anonymous said...

Haha, that's too funny! Let's hope Malaysia delivers with the cheaper clothing!! And one last question, what's the the la thing? K, well, ttyl babe!

Sapna said...

They say "la" after everything here, it's their word of choice for emphasis. They also use "lo" sometimes. Singlish!