Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Penang: History & Beaches

An hour north of KL by flight, Penang is a beautiful city full of history, culture and a few beaches. Batu Friingi has an awesome night market; even better than Jamaica. I never thought vendors would so easily budge on a price. Walk away and they follow you, offering another 25% off. Carvings, clothing, beautiful items that surely cost a fortune at home. (The seemingly cheap Chinese decorations I bought for my apartment in Canada are 3 for 10 MYR here).The Ringgit is 3.4 to the Canadian dollar and Malaysians don't believe in coffee tax; quite refreshing after Singapore!!

Also visited the snake temple...where we found a real lizard, and Joanne got friendly with the snakes...

Sipping Coconuts in the Sun
Shopping in both KL and Penang was ridicuously cheap, although brand name goods and mp3 players seem to be a similarily priced everywhere. I've been asked for pics of my purchases, will post the non-gifts on my Flickr! Traditional malaysian cookies are interesting as well; will bring home souvenirs...and likely ship home the clothing, oops!

Spent Tuesday morning tanning on the beach by our hotel; so hot I'm tanned already! Unfortunately, we didn't make it to Langkawi due to our four day time constraint...I've heard wonderful things about crystal clear beaches. It's on the list right before Thailand!
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4Wheels and a WingNut said...

What was in the coconuts? coconut juice???? I want to try!