Thursday, October 19, 2006

Unexpected Visitor at BLUE

So...going about work as usual today, and guess who flies in the window? A sparrow! Yes, I said fly IN the window. It's so hot and humid here, we have central air someone decided to open a window. No screens...and in flies this bird. Apparently this is not so rare; has happened before. Usually it's the mynah birds I'm told. (black ones with yellow beaks). Cute on the ground, but surely scary if they fly past your head. Someone got a pic on their cell phone of the "bird catcher" (guy with a net who let the bird back outside); if I can get access to it, I'll post it!

By the way, will be off blogger for the long weekend...heading to KL and Penang (Malaysia)! Back Tuesday, so be sure to check for more posts.

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