Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cafe Menotti: Found the Italy in Singapore!

Wow! is about all I have to say. After cups and cups of wannabe cappuccinos, and countless imitation chocolates, I found the place where Italy's at, in Singapore. Yes, I'm still a wannabe European, despite the fact that I'm trying my best to discover Asia.

Cafe Menotti at Raffles City (yes, the touristy, business area), is a stylish cafe with real tiramisu and divine chocolate. Perfect girls night out, perfect moment of solitude, perfect date place all at the same time (now I just need the European boy :) Probably the only Asian thing about it is that it's 50% off deserts (after 10pm, every night). Sometimes you just need a European break, right?

Manco molto parlare italiano e manco il cibo, il caffe e la gente . Mi sembre che devo li andare subito perche si no, mi dimenticharo tutti!

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