Sunday, November 12, 2006

Resfest--Crazy Short Films

Resfest is an international festival of short films, that stopped by in Singapore this weekend. Apparently it's 10 years old; not knowing much about short films, I'd never heard of it. Interesting to watch some random, short episodes. I think the sound effects created the atmosphere for most of them. Takes quite a bit of talent, I think, to portray a theme like that in such a short amount of time.
Saw a few cute cartoon films, a couple of artzy ones with anti-war messages, and some random memoirs of people that frequented places like a New York bar called "Terminal Bar".
The creepiest one I saw, was an Australian one (2004) "We Have Decided Not to Die" by Daniel Askill was surprisingly simple, yet creepy at the same time. It was about 3 rituals of birth and dying, yet had no storyline. Must have been the sound and music that made it so emotional. There are more pics on the film's official site: for anyone that wants to check it out. (Don't check it out too close to bed, wouldn't want to sleep with those images in mind!)

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