Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sunday on a Yatch

Spent this past Sunday on a yatch trip to Big Ghost Island, a few hours off the coast of Singapore. They say you can't go to the toilets alone, bring a friend just in case! Honestly, some of you I know would have been haunted by the stories we heard at night from some of the local people on the boat. Ghosts in Thailand, visions of the afterlife and Chinese superstitions that will make your blood curl. The signboard warns you must leave the beach by 7 pm...didn't have time to stick around and see what happens at 7:30!
Beautiful boat though. Had a bbq lunch while anchored in the middle of the sea. Amazing to feel a cold, rather than sticky hot, wind, finally. Confirms that I will never settle in a landlocked place! Goodbye Alberta!

Evelyn and friends on boat Mandy decides to drive
Check out our invention, Coconut Baseball!

By the way, I'm sorry to those of you waiting for my KL/Penang slideshow from a previous post. Not enough slack time at work :) It's been two weeks since I returned and I haven't had the time yet! If I can pull it off, it'll be a talking slideshow. I've upgraded my FlickR and that will be more organized too. Coming soon, promise!

Been stuck with a nasty cold I probably picked up on the yatch. Ya ok, alcohol, wind, and tired ppl don't mix. Heads up to those of you travelling here, I am sooo glad I brought Buckleys! Wish I had thought to bring more Advil, and Halls. Apparently they don't get colds that require Halls to actually have medicine inside; here they call it candy. Even Strepsils here don't make your throat numb. I am sticking to my regular stubborn plan; I get over colds in 5 days max! Will be chugging the Canadian Buckleys!

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