Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! I'm in Bangkok, Thailand this week and heading to Phuket, Thailand next week to spend some time on the beaches. So, my blog is likely to be quite empty for the next few days! Will post pictures and notes as soon as I'm back in Singapore.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Nativity Scene, Commercialized

Wow, time is really disappearing here..again, an entire week since my last post.

I thought Christmas was commercialized in North America, but wandering through Orchard Road yesterday we saw the strangest of Christmas scenes; the nativity scene, commercialized. Crowds of people rushing through the streets of Orchard Road to see the display, "Bethlethem: 0 to 5 BC), with statues, angels and wisemen. People even took photos with their fmailies, inside the nativity scene. Unfortunately no pictures of this yet...I'll leave it to your imaginations.

Have you ever seen Chinese wisemen in the nativity scene? How about a Chinese Santa Claus?? I almost died laughing; really something I had never thought about. And if you Canadians think our malls are crowded at Christmas time, check this out...not to mention the Singaporean government's warning against high voltage Christmas trees!

A BLUE Xmas Party

BLUE has moved to an awesome office building, the top floor of a tower in Harbourfront Centre. We had our moving/xmas celebration on Friday night, complete with an Christmas tree on which every employee decorated a blue ornament. A pool table, bar, large patio, and view of a beautiful Singaporean skyline will make work an interesting place.Not to mention, we can spend all day staring at Sentosa Island from our windows.

Monday, December 11, 2006


ZoukOUT, Singapore's biannual all night beach party this Saturday was a blast! 8pm to 8am...or in our case, 10 am, hanging out in 30 degree celsius weather in December. Shorts, bikinis, loud music and drinks in the sand. Sunday was a writeoff and work Monday morning felt like a disaster zone after a tsunami, but it was worth it! We hung out at the beach and watched the often do you get to watch sunrise on an island after a really cool party? Well, ok, maybe not so uncommon if you're not from landlocked Alberta, but still a sight to see!

Waltan's B'day

Friday night was a great party at Sean & Waltan's place. Tim the bartender whipped up a concoction of Abosolut Peach, Bailey's, Kahlua, and perhaps some other ingredients...the Timothy shot, for lack of a better name. Delicious!

Eugene cooked up some pasta and salad (and chicken for the omnivores), which was absolutely amazing; haven't had a real cooked meal in forever. Unless you think that microwaved pasta, raw salad and cheese sandwiches count! Considering the fact that Hall 11 at NTU has ONE "kitchen" with a burner, that has been run out of gas (or broken) for the past week, pasta & salad was absolutely gourmet. Actually considering moving out next semester, getting a more expensive room in an apartment in the city, just so I can have a kitchen. Four months ago I would have dreaded cooking.

Really hard to believe it's December already. Christmas seems so far away and yet there are xmas trees everywhere. Will be enjoying xmas and New Year's in Thailand this year.
Without the white stuff!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Eski Bar!

Saturday night Dennis, Joanne, Adam and I decided to check out the Eski bar, the only place where Singapore will get below 5 degrees celsius. It was cold, but still about seven times warmer than Edmonton's -14 degree weather. It warmed up I guess..I heard low -20's last week :-)

Brrr...well, I thought the 2 degree weather was a nice change, but the British boy was complaining :-) Although, it was Joanne that succumbed to the jackets that Eskibar provides first. How do you like the boys with Heineken in pink?


December: Looking forward to Singaporean Winter

Wow, it's December already!(Look at what I'm finally missing at home!) A week and a half since my last post...time in Singapore is flying way too quickly and work has been like a misguided tornado spiraling through my free time and crushing the 9 to 6 weekday only assumptions I maintain to be fair and normal.

Nonetheless, I'm not letting that stop me from my fun! I'll use this post as an unusual "whole week in one" post. Check out the FlickR badge (scroll on the left) for all my pics. Will get back to my regular posts within the week; hopefully that tornado turns into a simple wind storm!

Highlights last week...

Sunday's Gamelan Shokbreker was the most interesting musical combination I have ever seen; a group of 10 Indonesian muscians, using local instruments, and 3 Norwegian musicians playing jazz-type music, together. Musician alone doesn't fit; they were entertainers and comedians as well. A full house at the Esplanade for their last stop on their first tour.

Wednesday was Ladies Night at Zouk (free entry!!)...a very late night, or early morning, whichever you prefer. Funny, three months into our stay we finally check out Singapore's most renowned clubs...I guess those Hawker centre bars were appealing for a while! Quite the drink specials, and really the first time I've seen drinking straws in a jug, i think...!? Marike, Dennis, Joanne and I partyed it up that night Too bad Damien couldn't make it, Marike was giving us a lesson on Damien's favorite hard-to-pronounce word "Streudel".

Can you do it the German way?:P