Sunday, December 03, 2006

December: Looking forward to Singaporean Winter

Wow, it's December already!(Look at what I'm finally missing at home!) A week and a half since my last post...time in Singapore is flying way too quickly and work has been like a misguided tornado spiraling through my free time and crushing the 9 to 6 weekday only assumptions I maintain to be fair and normal.

Nonetheless, I'm not letting that stop me from my fun! I'll use this post as an unusual "whole week in one" post. Check out the FlickR badge (scroll on the left) for all my pics. Will get back to my regular posts within the week; hopefully that tornado turns into a simple wind storm!

Highlights last week...

Sunday's Gamelan Shokbreker was the most interesting musical combination I have ever seen; a group of 10 Indonesian muscians, using local instruments, and 3 Norwegian musicians playing jazz-type music, together. Musician alone doesn't fit; they were entertainers and comedians as well. A full house at the Esplanade for their last stop on their first tour.

Wednesday was Ladies Night at Zouk (free entry!!)...a very late night, or early morning, whichever you prefer. Funny, three months into our stay we finally check out Singapore's most renowned clubs...I guess those Hawker centre bars were appealing for a while! Quite the drink specials, and really the first time I've seen drinking straws in a jug, i think...!? Marike, Dennis, Joanne and I partyed it up that night Too bad Damien couldn't make it, Marike was giving us a lesson on Damien's favorite hard-to-pronounce word "Streudel".

Can you do it the German way?:P

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