Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Nativity Scene, Commercialized

Wow, time is really disappearing here..again, an entire week since my last post.

I thought Christmas was commercialized in North America, but wandering through Orchard Road yesterday we saw the strangest of Christmas scenes; the nativity scene, commercialized. Crowds of people rushing through the streets of Orchard Road to see the display, "Bethlethem: 0 to 5 BC), with statues, angels and wisemen. People even took photos with their fmailies, inside the nativity scene. Unfortunately no pictures of this yet...I'll leave it to your imaginations.

Have you ever seen Chinese wisemen in the nativity scene? How about a Chinese Santa Claus?? I almost died laughing; really something I had never thought about. And if you Canadians think our malls are crowded at Christmas time, check this out...not to mention the Singaporean government's warning against high voltage Christmas trees!

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