Monday, December 11, 2006

Waltan's B'day

Friday night was a great party at Sean & Waltan's place. Tim the bartender whipped up a concoction of Abosolut Peach, Bailey's, Kahlua, and perhaps some other ingredients...the Timothy shot, for lack of a better name. Delicious!

Eugene cooked up some pasta and salad (and chicken for the omnivores), which was absolutely amazing; haven't had a real cooked meal in forever. Unless you think that microwaved pasta, raw salad and cheese sandwiches count! Considering the fact that Hall 11 at NTU has ONE "kitchen" with a burner, that has been run out of gas (or broken) for the past week, pasta & salad was absolutely gourmet. Actually considering moving out next semester, getting a more expensive room in an apartment in the city, just so I can have a kitchen. Four months ago I would have dreaded cooking.

Really hard to believe it's December already. Christmas seems so far away and yet there are xmas trees everywhere. Will be enjoying xmas and New Year's in Thailand this year.
Without the white stuff!!

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