Monday, January 29, 2007

The Taboo Bar

Spent Saturday night with Karlos, Sean, Anna & Frank at a club called Play, and one called Taboo...definitely a different scene. My first gay bar experience...and it was a fun time! They have great music, a bit more like techno and house, and much less R&B. Vodka cranberries, some funny dancing style and great music-- definitely a fun Saturday night out.

From left: Frank, Anna, Karlos, Sean

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pulau Ubin ---No Lizards This Time!

Spent Sunday with Eddie, Ben, Marike and Sean on Pulau Ubin (Granite Island), one of Singapore's little islands. Sweating hot, but the bike trip was a really cool ride. Rode past a Buddhist temple, stopped for a coconut, took a mini boat across the river, learned a bit about different fruit trees (thanks Eddie!)...really stuff you'd normally do in Malaysia. Actually, Marike was looking forward to seeing the giant 2 metre (not kidding!) long lizards that supposedly hang around in the forests there. No luck this time :( Would have been a good picture!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Zouk & Walla Walla--UnXpected Again

Just thought I'd throw a couple pictures in here; mostly I've just been hanging out in regular places. Last weekend was fairly easygoing, just some fun times welcoming Sean to Singapore. We went to Zouk for "1 for 1" you can see, a $12 Baileys on ice is not quite a full cup!

Saturday we all went out to Walla Walla again, to catch the UnXpecteed, that rock band with the amazing female lead---you should hear her voice! They played some original music, and then took requests for most of the night. And the pizza...yum!

Passport should be ready hopefully, hopefully off to somewhere that doesn't celebrate Chinese New Year (unfortunately celebrating it means everything is closed....that crosses China, Hong Kong and Vietnam off our lists!). Oh well, maybe Bali...???

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Historical Day in Fort Canning Park

Unfortunately the rain kept us from our plans to see Pulau Ubin this weekend, one of Singapore's islands that is supposed to be home to so much wildlife. So, I spent Saturday walking around Singapore's Fort Canning Park area with a few friends, walked through the old Colonial buildings where Sir Raffles stayed in the early 1800's. We also checked out the newly finished Singapore National Museum. It's definitely not something to miss! The main exhibit showcases Singapore's history, from the time the country was formed to the present. Some of the war exhibits are really descriptive; great information on the Japanese invasion of Singapore in WWII. Other exhibits include Singaporean food, fashion, and photography. They've done a great job with interactive component---videos, stories, and lots of learning.

Pictures will be coming soon...Eddy had a digital SLR so we left the picture taking to the photographer :-)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Ok, so for those of you who haven't checked out my Flickr site for pictures, I thought I'd just add a few of my favorites of the trip to Ayttuya. It's definitely not something to be missed if you're ever in Thailand, even though it's a day out of the way.

Just the eerie feeling of walking through ruins, over the rubble that used to be the homes of Asian Kings...somehow so different to walking through castles in Europe. Maybe it's because the King's image is still plastered everywhere; even as you step off the budget airplane to ride the bus to the Bangkok terminal there is a sign with his image "Long Live the King".

Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy New Year--I'm Back!

Wow, what a long break from blogging! Also a quick note here, my blog may be a bit behind, because it seems blogger (unfortunately) has some issues with either NTU's network or my computer.
Just back a few days ago from an awesome trip to Thailand. It's really a beautiful country, although even in 12 days I hardly saw as much of the country as I would have liked to. The shopping is incredible, the people in Bangkok are friendly, and they know the meaning of vegetarian food! Actually, some of the food was so spicy it felt like a fire was burning in your mouth, starting with the bottom of your throat and working its way up to your nostrils. Crazy...and that's what you get when you ask for just a little bit of spice!

Bangkok had such a mix of things to do. It's a big city with a great transport system, so it's easy to get around and see lots. There was everything from nightshows to shopping to catching a muay thai boxing match. The markets are incredible. At Chattychuk, the weekend market, you have to to find your way through a crowd of frenzied people trying to shove through stalls and stalls of food, clothing, woodwork, jewelry, household, toys and even furniture outlets. Singaporeans says bargaining there was much easier a couple years ago, before the tourists found the spot.

After 5 days in Bangkok, I spent a day touring Ayuttaya, the ancient capital of Thailand. Ruins and rubble, piles of stones and bricks that are left from times when old kings ruled the country. The current king is still revered though, despite the military coup---his picture is everywhere, and you even have to stand to salute him before you watch a movie in a theatre!

It would take pages to describe every day I spent in Thailand, so I'm taking the shortcut and just posting a slideshow of my first few days there. I'll add more posts with descriptions of a few other days soon. Also, please note that all my pictures are up on flickr! (Except for those from Phi Phi island because both Flickr and Blogger are having issues today). Again, to get to my flickr page, scroll down and look for the flickr badge on the left side of my page.