Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Historical Day in Fort Canning Park

Unfortunately the rain kept us from our plans to see Pulau Ubin this weekend, one of Singapore's islands that is supposed to be home to so much wildlife. So, I spent Saturday walking around Singapore's Fort Canning Park area with a few friends, walked through the old Colonial buildings where Sir Raffles stayed in the early 1800's. We also checked out the newly finished Singapore National Museum. It's definitely not something to miss! The main exhibit showcases Singapore's history, from the time the country was formed to the present. Some of the war exhibits are really descriptive; great information on the Japanese invasion of Singapore in WWII. Other exhibits include Singaporean food, fashion, and photography. They've done a great job with interactive component---videos, stories, and lots of learning.

Pictures will be coming soon...Eddy had a digital SLR so we left the picture taking to the photographer :-)

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