Monday, January 22, 2007

Zouk & Walla Walla--UnXpected Again

Just thought I'd throw a couple pictures in here; mostly I've just been hanging out in regular places. Last weekend was fairly easygoing, just some fun times welcoming Sean to Singapore. We went to Zouk for "1 for 1" you can see, a $12 Baileys on ice is not quite a full cup!

Saturday we all went out to Walla Walla again, to catch the UnXpecteed, that rock band with the amazing female lead---you should hear her voice! They played some original music, and then took requests for most of the night. And the pizza...yum!

Passport should be ready hopefully, hopefully off to somewhere that doesn't celebrate Chinese New Year (unfortunately celebrating it means everything is closed....that crosses China, Hong Kong and Vietnam off our lists!). Oh well, maybe Bali...???

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