Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chinese New Year @ the Office

Chinese New Year celebrations continued this week at the office. Monday we had a traditional Chinese New Year "Lo Hai" lunch at a restaurant. The 10 course meal starts with a salad that everyone at the table tosses together....the higher you toss it, the more prosperity you have in the coming year! Kinda messy...but lots of fun!

Sitting at the "Vegetarian" table was quite the challenge. Our office has a handful of vegetarians and/or Halal-only people, but it took THREE times for them to actually bring vegetarian food to the table "oh, you don't eat fish?" "Fish sauce isn't vegetarian?"...

So, eventually, we ended up with veggie food that they did their best to make look like meat...we even got a yam pastry dish that they made in the shape of a fish!

Tuesday afternoon we had a Lion Dance come into the office. Deafeaning loud drum players, colourful red costumes and a giant "Lion" played by two Chinese dancers. The Lion went around to every desk in the office and "ate" an orange left for him. He also left us a message before leaving the office..

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