Saturday, February 10, 2007

Fort Canning At Night

Saturday night we saw Fort Canning Park at
night...quite beautiful. The Valentine's day "Youth & Love" party in the park was not quite. Foreign Youth Club, an international organization, apparently known for great events, hired a tone-deaf band, empty bar, and cheap vendors for the occasion.
I can't really complain though because I met some really great people (Valentine's Day is a bit overdone and depressing for most of us anyway!) I also got to see a few AIESEC members I hadn't seen since last semester.

We actually ended up ditching the party and headed towards Timbre, a bar with great live music. I'm not one to celebrate Valentines, but it was a fun night out!

Top Right: Petina, Kristin, Anne, Sean and I at the Valentine's party
Below: Damien, Anna & Melissa, Heineken's, & good music

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