Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gatsby: A Hidden Gem We'll Miss!

Soo hye, Jens' boss, introduced us to a hidden gem in Singapore. Gatsby is an elegant little restaurant in an area called Chijimes, near City Hall. Excellent food...and the best part? All main courses and drinks 50% off, every single day. The worst part? They are changing management and are closing down the location. We made it there two days before it closed down for an excellent meal of pasta and steak (for the boys).

Soo hye even spoke with the chefs, to find out which restaurants they are moving to next (He even has a favorite meal!). So hopefuly we'll enjoy food that good, that cheap in Singapore again.

So, we headed over to (my favorite!) Menotti cafe for some delicious Italian dessert. Like most of our local and non-German friends, we are STILL trying to figure out the correct, German pronunciation of "aphel strudel mit zanna" :P

From left: Soohye, Jens, Sean and I at Gatsby in Chijmes.

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