Friday, February 23, 2007

Hong Kong: Beautiful City of History, Art, Culture, & Shopping!

Back from Hong Kong, an amazing city so vibrant I wish I was working there. (They also have more holidays!) It is home to a similar Chinese culture to Singapore, yet leaves room for elegant western style buildings that aren't completely structured and planned into a modern metropolis. From the nightlife in SoHo South of Hollywood Road", to the vegetarian food almost everywhere, to the amazing sports outlets that make the US look expensive; I love it!

Delapidated buildings with modern stores on the first floor in Mongkok, an old fashioned tram on HK Island and high class hotels in Tsim Sha Sui provide a refreshing juxtaposition.

For all of you skimming my site, this slideshow is a brief overview, and I've added details so click to see my comments on FlickR. Pics and stories continue in the 2nd HK all-in-one post below the slideshow!

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