Friday, February 23, 2007

Hong Kong: Beautiful City of History, Art, Culture, & Shopping! (Continued)

At first site, our hostel looked quite ghetto...dilapidated building, narrow streets, random signs and stores with only Chinese writing. Not to mention the cargo lift with manual doors..felt like you were letting yourself into a jail cell! Inside, a tiny, renovated, super clean, unit with free i-net was a pleasant surprise...we spent our first 3 hours in Hong Kong sleeping, enjoying the air conditioning!

We splurged for our first dinner in Hong Kong...found a cute little pub on Nathan Road called Delaney's. You'll never guess what I found, after 6 months...a veggie burger! Fattening pub food, but the apple pie and custard dessert made it all worth it. Reminds me of, I miss that place a lot.

Hong Kong boasts one of the world's best night views, on Victoria Peak. Unfortunately, although we tried 3 times, we never saw a perfectly clear view...too much fog in winter I guess. Still beautiful by the Tsim Sha Tsui Harbourfront.

Nightlife...Lai Kwai Fong is so much livelier than Singapore's Clarke Quay. Although the streets were full of foreigners, most likely due to the Chinese New Year, the bars and clubs had a fun atmosphere.

Soho, however, remains my favorite place. It only took me two days to find the city's best Italian coffee shop. If you're in the area, visit Portobello's on Shelley & Elgin...cute atmosphere, couches, strong espresso and delicious chocolate cake, yum! Although I will say their local bakeries beat Singapore's by a million times...they have REAL wholegrain, rye, wheat bread; everywhere.

Basically, we spent Saturday Sunday and Monday touring the city, nightlife and excellent HK Museum of History. Not to mention shopping at the rows upon rows of stores, outlets and luxury malls.

Lantau is a Hong Kongonian island we visited on Tuesday. Very very touristy...not a bad place to visit, but seeing as the "historical" buddha statue was acutally made in 1970, it's a bit commericalized. Lunch at the vegetarian monastery...ick!!! Mushy tofu and bland veggies. Many of you know I'm no artist with chopsticks...but you try eating corn soup, with big chunks of corn-on-the-cob in it...with plastic sticks!

Our last day was perfect, a recap of our favorite places, dim sum at Luk Yu Tea House and more shopping. Perfect...except the part where we had to leave on our hurried trip to the airport. Yikes, they're not kidding when they say arrive 2 hours before the plane leaves. One late bus, and United Airline's thorough handbag check made us seated in the plane 15 minutes before takeoff...BARELY made it!

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