Wednesday, March 28, 2007


The past few weeks we've joined the NTU exchange students in their weekly Wednesday night ritual...Insomnia! Located at Chijmes, one of Singapore's cute restaurant and bar districts, this venue offers good live music and free-flow of drinks from 9 pm to 11 pm. Girls get an extra free hour to enjoy their beverages! (No, there are no 'equal opportunity' laws in Singapore for this sort of thing).

From left: Jens, Kristin, Sean, Mikael, Anna and Sapna

My sparse collection of pictures doesn't do the nights'll have to check out Jens' facebook pictures for the really crazy pics :-)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Challas in Little India..and A Crazy House Party!

Time is flying by so quickly I barely have time to post! Planning to cram in a bit more traveling before I have to leave, so stay tuned for pictures of Tioman Island, Malaysia (next weekend) and our Easter long weekend trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam the following week.
We spent this weekend just here in Singapore, but I figured it's time I updated some pictures...

Challas, a restaurant in Little India serves a great mix (albeit a bit greasy) of food, and it's all very cheap. Great place to go for sharing food, although their famous Mango Lassi was waaaayy too salty and for some reason had rose essence in it..ugh!
(Picture Above, from left: Anna, Mikhail, Sean, Dave & Kristin)

Last night was a bit more crazy...a local student, known on Facebook as "Loverboy Desmond" held an open invite house party. There must have been at least 200 people there... met some cool people, mostly from Europe & Australia. Not many house parties in Singapore, at least through the uni crowd, so this was a good time.

Monday, March 19, 2007

St. Paddy's Day @ Muddy Murphy's

If you thought the Scots party-ed hard at the Scottish b'day should have seen them on St. Patricks Day! Luckily, this year it fell on a Saturday, so the pubs were absolutely packed and there were people everywhere. Not to mention giant, tall, black & green hats. We actually didn't meet any Irish exchange students, but I think our enthusiasm for the green was pretty fantastic.

Muddy Murphy's shirts, hats, and green kilts was the way they went...and no....apparently they really don't wear anything underneath.

It was so crowded we had to cut our Irish celebrations a bit short and head to Ministry of Sound (MOS), Singapore's main nightclub. Fun times!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

ClimbAsia--Wall Climbing!

Fun time last night doing something I've only done a couple times in my life...wall climbing! It is a LOT harder than it looks, although the shoes are a lot more comfortable than Sean tends to make them out to be (yes, they make your toes curl, but this is better than walking in stilettos, I think!)

We stuck to the beginner's level walls, and I stuck to the vertical wall, not the overhang. Amazingly enough, they provided us with no instructions whatsoever. Here's your shoes...go climb! Mikhail decided to hang from he wall instead...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Werner's Oven..Real Bread!

We found the German bakery in Singapore today...awesome real rye bread, German Bretzels, tons of sausages for you meat fans, and delectable desserts. Located on the east coast of Singapore, in a small residential area, this bakery is definitely worth the hour and a half MRT ride from the NTU campus.

Instead of the afhel strudel I was expecting to be the typical German dessert, I ordered Rote Grütze , mix of berries with vanilla sauce. Anyone that knows me knows I always go for chocolate...but it turns out the delicious "German Chocolate Cake" they sell at home, isn't really German (well it is, but they just call it chocolate cake!)

Jens & Sean Werners' Rote Grütze Sapna...with a Bretzel!

Also loved the Paulaner Weiss beer Jens had (although really you need about two sips to be full)...and the bakery's great the poster below. Definitely coming back to the German part of Singapore!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Scottish Fun @ the Highlander

Last night was a ton of fun at The Highlander, Singapore's Scottish pub (yeah I know, a Scottish pub in Singapore?!). Very Scottish, with tons of Scots (or wannabes...)

It started with Monday night's effort to show Sean & Jens how empty the campus bar is; ironically, it's named the "Staff Club". Locals, in fact, have no idea it exists; those that do think it closes at 10:00 pm and take you in circles when you ask for directions. Instead of an empty bar, we stumbled upon Dave's Scottish b'day party. About 20 exchange students at NTU, mostly from Europe and Australia were the only ones drinking in the bar. After a night of watching crazy karaoke, we met an interesting mix of friends studying at uni.

Dave's real celebration last night included kilts, traditional Scottish dancing, a limbo contest, and kisses for the birthday times! Definitely not ready to stop being a student. I can honestly say I liked the beer too---"Heather Ale", made from some kind of wheat!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My First Earthquake?!

Ok, I can't believe this...earthquake tremors in Singapore! Really, our office only felt it for a few, maybe 10 seconds, like the building started to shake a little. Just a tremor, and it was gone. Apparently we don't just get a burning haze from Indonesian fires...we get the remnants of their earthquakes too. The quake was 6.6 on the Richter scale; that sounds dangerously high. Some people near Raffles Place were evacuated and others saw their apartments one injured in Singapore, but 80 dead and
hundreds injured in Sumatra

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Shi-Sha Bar Fun!

Spent last night hanging out at Shi-Sha bar, and Bungy Bar (an Aussie pub in Clarke Quay), and those infamous all night hawker stands with Kristin, Jens, Sean, Daniel, Damien, Eric, Keiko and Seitsu. An awesome time to take the stresses of all of our daily work lives away. It's so great hanging out with a group of international students--wonder if there's business jobs that allow you to do something like travel and organize programs like that? Or travel and speak European languages? Don't want to leave the student life just yet!