Saturday, March 17, 2007

ClimbAsia--Wall Climbing!

Fun time last night doing something I've only done a couple times in my life...wall climbing! It is a LOT harder than it looks, although the shoes are a lot more comfortable than Sean tends to make them out to be (yes, they make your toes curl, but this is better than walking in stilettos, I think!)

We stuck to the beginner's level walls, and I stuck to the vertical wall, not the overhang. Amazingly enough, they provided us with no instructions whatsoever. Here's your shoes...go climb! Mikhail decided to hang from he wall instead...

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Sean said...

Sapna, I object! I have never experienced shoes as uncomfortable as those clumbing shoes. Your toes are not just curled they are downright bent. I think you got a pair that were more loose...there's simply no other explanation!