Sunday, March 11, 2007

Werner's Oven..Real Bread!

We found the German bakery in Singapore today...awesome real rye bread, German Bretzels, tons of sausages for you meat fans, and delectable desserts. Located on the east coast of Singapore, in a small residential area, this bakery is definitely worth the hour and a half MRT ride from the NTU campus.

Instead of the afhel strudel I was expecting to be the typical German dessert, I ordered Rote Grütze , mix of berries with vanilla sauce. Anyone that knows me knows I always go for chocolate...but it turns out the delicious "German Chocolate Cake" they sell at home, isn't really German (well it is, but they just call it chocolate cake!)

Jens & Sean Werners' Rote Grütze Sapna...with a Bretzel!

Also loved the Paulaner Weiss beer Jens had (although really you need about two sips to be full)...and the bakery's great the poster below. Definitely coming back to the German part of Singapore!


spoilt brat said...

Hey, can you leave me the exact address of this german bakery on my blog's tagboard?

If you know directions of how to get there(Bus no.s,MRT station/Walking/Landmarks/Driving), pls do not hesitate to put that down.


Anonymous said...

It is no longer there! I went to get out breezes this morning only to find it has gone and been replaced with a Body Massage and Spa! Devastated :(