Monday, April 02, 2007

Bintan Adventure--Random Indonesian Weekend!

Looking for some chill time after all that partying, we decided to head to a white sand beach resort, or something like it, for the weekend. Plans for Tioman Island in Malaysia soon turned to the much closer, more convenient island of Bintan, Indonesia (an hour and a half ferry ride away from Singapore's coast).
Ofcourse, being budget travellers, we decided to stick to the "east coast", the backpacker, not-so-resort like area. Little did we know that we would be spending the night in practically an Indonesian campsite, "Travellers Lodge".

Although it was the suggestion of our somewhat shady taxi/van driver (who charged us twice the rate they normally charge foreigners), I'll admit the hostel was not that bad. At first glance, it looked like we'd landed on a set of Little House on the Prairie: Asian version. Running water and toilets, however, did exist. In fact, the running water was used to flush the toilet...

The weekend turned out great though! A bit of swimming in very warm sea water,beer in the rain, and home-cooked, spicy, delicious (and vegetarian!) Indonesian dinner. The family that owned the hostel even cooked us breakfast and lunch the next morning, not to mention picked up beer for us from town when they sped away on their motorbikes. A weekend of nothing...and yet a great adventure!

Check out the slideshow...descriptions and links to my flickR are available by clicking the photos you want to see.

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