Monday, April 16, 2007

Hanging Out in East Coast Park

We spent Sunday afternoon hanging out in Singapore's East Coast park, a great place to rollerblade, and try out waterskiing and kneeboarding. Beautiful park in the city, and lucky for us, one of the best days of weather we've had for awhile!
The Volar festival was put on by SMU students, so for $8 we got to rollerblade, and try out half an hour of watersports. Needless to say, I definitely need lessons before I try that again, barely made it a few metres before falling, both times! Sore and bruised today, but it was worth it. Let's hope this is good training for the Aussie beaches! (Or that I actually take real lessons before attempting to throw myself on a cable-pulled water device wearing jean shorts and permanent contact lenses I can't lose!). Heard Wednesday night is Ladies Night at the park (like everywhere in Singapore), half price for waterskiing in the dark...might have to check this out!

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