Saturday, April 14, 2007

MRT Pub Crawl!!!

Crazy NTU exchange students organized the coolest pubcrawl of the year---64 wild students in pink t-shirts, stopping for a drink at every station from Changi Airport to City Hall, scribbling bizarre messages on each others' backs in permanent marker. Really, the pubcrawl, which started at 5:30 meant to cover entire East-West line, landing us safely back at NTU's Staff Club (that campus bar none of the local students know about)...but as you can imagine, we didn't quite make it, since the train shuts down at midnight. Ofcourse, the Scots wore their kilts and some Norwegian guys even got suits specially made in Bali--check out the hot pinkblazer! Thanks to Alison and Dave for organizing such a crazy event :-)!

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