Thursday, May 10, 2007

Brisbane: Dull City, Awesome Daytrips

After spending the last 5 days in Brisbane, I can tell those of you on a time crunch, budget, or any sort of logic, to SKIP IT! Ok, I'll give the tour guides some credit, it's overpriced but kinda cute. In a Victoria, BC kinda way (without the ocean)...nice to visit, dine at restaurants, see the cafes, meander along the river, but that's it! There is one main bar, a backpacker bar, full guessed it, backpackers. Not too bad, but so fully packed you can hardly talk. Also, it's a good realization that you've been in Singapore too long when you forget your jacket at an internet cafe at 1 am, come back 6 hours later looking for it...and genuinely expect it to be there! Nope, my black fleece is gone...which in Canada, is no problem, but after Singapore's humidity, 17 degrees is COLD!

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is a cute place to cuddle a koala, although the Australia Zoo definitely tops it for a place to be with animals. They really do sleep all day, and are super cute to look at, but wild ones are dangerous, the zoo staff warn! Daytrips out of Brisbane, these two sites beat the city for a good time, for sure.
So, I'm headed to Byron Bay to check out the beaches, meet people at hostels and go to a mini surf camp this weekend. Soak up the sunshine...before this Aussie winter turns really cold!

The slideshow below is a quick look at a few of the gorgeous animals at Lone Pine and Steve Irwin's cute!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome photos! You've got some beauties in there!! Looks like you're having fun!!! I'm glad you've already hit the Australia Zoo! It's awesome!! Did the Koala pooped on you?!