Monday, May 14, 2007

Byron Bay: Surfing the Waves

Byron Bay is a cute little surfer town on the Gold Coast of Australia, where I've spent the last few days trying to ride the waves. Our instructor, a typical surfer-boy, took us out to his town, Lennox-Head, the most easterly point on the Australian coast and a less touristy beach. Surfing, though, consists mainly of swallowing too much saltwater, getting sucked under waves, and avoiding the inevitable strikes by your own (or someone else's) surf board. Good fun though...unfortunately no pics of me falling off the board. Stay tuned...I'm signing up for more lessons in Surfer's Paradise.

Byron as a town is a bit touristy for sure, lined with little shops along a beach, full of British backpackers, overpriced brekkie places, and 23 hour coffee shops (seriously!). Backpacker hostels line the streets, and a campsite is available for the more adventurous tenters, and those with campervans. Great place to meet people from the UK...and watch hilarious arguments over the Irish and Aussie pool rules...completely different apparently!

Top left: John, Justin Steph & Hannah at The Rails bar, Byron Bay
From the left: Cherry, Sapna, Justin & Steph at The Rails bar, Byron Bay.
Sapna & Steph @ Cheeky Monkey bar, Byron Bay.
A random guy wearing a pylon hat

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