Sunday, May 06, 2007

Farewell Singapore...for a couple months!

My last nights with everyone together in Singapore were amazing...thanks everyone for making an awesome dinner and party better than I could have ever planned. It was a great time, will miss you all and I'll be back to visit those of you still hanging out in Singapore in July.

Amazing dinner at Prego, in Raffles City authentic Italian restaurant! Great pasta, followed by delicious cappuccinos and dessert at Menotti cafe---my favorite coffee shop in the city.
Following that, a party at Crazy Elephant pub, and hanging out at the bridge with beer, into the night, on to the sunrise.

And the next evening, a visit again to Werner's Oven...the delectable German bakery before heading to the airport. I'll be in Australia the next couple months, but I'll be back for a couple more weeks of fun before heading home. Keep reading the Singapore Lizard though...Aussie posts will be online soon.

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