Monday, May 14, 2007

Nearly Normal Nimbin: A Hippy Town

A surprising day today in the Australian countryside on our daytrip to Nimbin. Beautiful two hour drive up to through farms and tiny towns near Mt. Warning, an old volcano, and Uki (a teeny town that would apparently have been one of the world's safest places to be if Russia had attacked in the Cold War...where do they get these stats anyway?). Not the rainforest-like scenery I had expected near the Gold Coast, but a refreshing and gorgeous change from the beach.

The town itself? Hippies, veggies, hemp clothing stores, druggies...oh, wait...I repeat myself! Although we refrained from the magic cookie offers, it's a crazy experience to see...a recommended detour :-)

Hannah, & Steph @ the Rainbow Cafe
Hannah & Sapna in Nimbin

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