Monday, May 21, 2007

Surfer's Paradise : Catching the Waves & Backpacker Parties

Surfer's Paradise was not as picturesque as Byron Bay, but definitely a backpacker party town. Crazy pubcrawls, more surf lessons, beach shops, and beautiful night walks along the beach. Pubs with names like "The Shack" and "The Bedroom"...all tattooed on your arm in pub entrance stamps. Practically indelible ink...took 2 days in the surf to get that off! As per usual, every second person I met was British, so there was some awesome times!

Top Row Pics: Backpacker's night out: Sapna, John, Hannah, & the Irish boys on the pub crawl! And all of us with the Brits..Ian and Dave
Bottom Row Pics: Cherry, Joanna, Sarah & Sapna..girls night out!
Pic: Sapna & Matt, beach night

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