Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tioman Island: Drinking. Climbing. Swimming.

Drinking. Climbing. Swimming. That's what you do on Tioman Island. 3 possibilities and yet a world of adventures! We spent the nights on the beach meeting other backpackers, the days on the beach sleeping, swimming, snorkeling, diving, and riding boats in clear blue waters. The entrance on the beach declares that Malaysian law prohibits Muslims from selling, buying, or drinking alcoholic substances...yet they were available everywhere, off the menu. The restaurants were touristy but still had a touch of local feel, the beaches were gorgeous even in the rain, the underwater life was beautiful, and the locals running the tourist bars were so much fun :-)

From the top left: Jordan, Michael, Kristin, Mikael, Sean,
Sapna, Jens,Pierre-Ric, Kamil, Konrad, Michael & Roland

The slideshow below is an overview of the fun we had on an island. Drinking. Climbing. Swimming.

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