Sunday, June 24, 2007

Queenstown Winter Fun!

Our week in Queenstown flew by faster than any ten days of our trip yet. A backpacker party town, mixed with an adventure-lover's haven, this town is my favorite place in New Zealand yet. Our first stop was Puzzleworld, a crazy optical illusion museum that lets you get lost in a maze trying to find the 4 corners and an exit...just missed the yellow corner, almost made it but the bus was about to leave!

While Rakhi & I couldn't bring ourselves to jump off a bridge, do a crazy canyon swing, or skydive off a plane, it was an amazing party place. To make life better, Q-town is the main stop for all the backpacker buses---so we met up with lots of people we'd seen along the way. A bit sad, as our entire Kiwi bus crew slowly left the town, a few at a time...we did meet some crazy Irish lads in the dorms though!
Pics from the Kiwi Crew:

1. Dave & Sapna 2. Cherry, Tiffany,Rod & Sapna, 3.Sapna, Charlotte & Natalie

1. Ollie & Cherry 2. Brian, Frances, Natalie, 3. Sapna, Frances, Natalie, Charlotte

1. Brian & Irish girls 2. The Irish guys (Dave, Mark, Brian) "helping" us girls cook

Cherry and I enjoyed 3 days of amazing powder on Coronet Peak (which seemed snow-less at the beginning of the week!), a day or so of pretty good shopping, and 9 endless night of backpacker fun. Not to mention our last night in Q-town-- the beginning of the annual Winterfest and a kickoff "school uniform" dress-up party (hey, it was worth the free $1000 bar tab split between the less than 20 of us that could be bothered to dress up!)

To be honest, the place reminded me of home a bit...especially when we basically got snowed into the town for 2 days at the end of the trip... festival fireworks were canceled due to Canadian winter-looking roads, icy patches, and a buses in or out! Luckily we just made our flight to Auckland, no cancellations there. We're heading north, to see if the other island can live up to our newfound Q-town expectations from New Zealand's backpacker hotspots!

Enjoy the's definitely a place I'd come back to!

P.S.: Stayed tuned, a picture of our entire Kiwi bus is coming as soon as I can find a scanner that works! (The old-school lady at the photo shop stared at me in horror when I asked if she could give me a digital version of the single photo I had just paid $12 for)

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