Monday, June 18, 2007

West Coast New Zealand & Franz Joseph Glacier

Traveling on the Kiwi Experience backpacker bus, we made our way from Nelson to Queenstown, stopping at scenic little spots and more teeny tiny towns. Friends and fun times, crazy stories, drunken nights, and events that make Days of Our Lives seem like a children's show--comprised perhaps the most interesting part of my New Zealand trip. Scenery is scenery, it's the people, and fellow backpackers that make New Zealand what it is.
Below is a glimpse of the last eight days, our scenic route and glacier hiking adventure. Adventures in Queenstown have left me little time to blog, so for now, they are nameless photos. Between ski runs and warming coffee stops, I'll build more into the images (and maybe even think of something more creative than yet another slideshow!) Tip: adjust the right hand corner to a fast speed, there are lots of scenic shots!

Scenic Shots...

Glacier Adventure...

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