Sunday, July 22, 2007

Back in Singapore--MRT Pub Crawl Part 2!!!

Back in Singapore for a fun two weeks of job hunting and partying! Two weeks to enjoy the things I'll know I'll miss; the people, the Singlish, my favorite cafe (Menotti!), fresh fruit stalls, amazing thai food, cheap shopping, and the fact that a weekend away can mean an island paradise or totally random experience.
Left (top): Damien, Kristin G., Sean, Jens at Walla Walla, Holland Village
Left (bottom): Sapna, Joelle, Kristin G, Kristin M @ a random Thai place in Chinatown---green curry, yum!

Friday's MRT Pub Crawl: Part II was an attempt to get off every stop on Singapore's purple line, drink a beer, and get back on in 3 hours. Our goal was 10 stops; we made 8 (skipped Chinatown but still made it to St. James before the MRT shut down). A bit more successful then our Green Line crawl last semester (the line was too long!) although we did miss all you Scots in your kilts, and the rest of the NTU exchange crowd.
I think that pictures are a 1000 words in this case...check the slide show (all of you using Facebook, click the "View Original Post" link!


Unknown said...

hey great concept... i was wondering if this event is gonna be held this year (2010) ?? and can non-NTU students join too?? thanks

singaporelizard said...

Hey thanks for posting on my blog! I live back in Canada now so I haven't gone to the MRT pub crawl for years. I did get an invite on facebook last year, so I'd check around, I'm sure there's guys still doing it!