Friday, July 06, 2007

Backpacker Fun in the Rain: Wai-o-Tapu Scenery

Since this post doesn't contain skydiving photos (it was too cloudy; we waited in Rotorua, Taupo and Paihia for a total of 5 days!), I've added scenic shots from the ground. Here's New Zealand's winter scenery; geyers in the rain. Tons of fun since Cherry and I stayed at the Base Backpackers, and met a lot of cool people, not to mention the randomness of bumping into a lot of our fellow Kiwi Experiencers along the way!
left: Noreen, Rob, Cherry, Olly
Rotorua: A cool little city, although it does smell a bit of sulpher from the beautiful landscape. Great hostel, good place for adventure sports (mostly in the summer) , and where I watched my first rugby match ever.

Taupo: Where Cherry and I travelled down to, from Rotorua, for 2 days, in hopes of catching a skydive...beautiful day...just not beautiful over the dropzone. Colm & Nile (two Irish guys we met) joined us for the 2nd day of waiting. It's funny petrified as I was of skydiving, it's fear begins to wear off when you try so many times to psych yourself up for it! Partying with the Irish boys was a good time though...popcorn night after the the 24 hour kitchen...

Haka Falls: Great scenic viewpoint, also included in the slides. Even in the winter and the rain, New Zealand is a breathtaking country. As the Kiwis say, Sweet As!

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