Sunday, July 29, 2007

Last Singapore Days (& Insomniac Nights!)

Last days in Singapore are shorter than I ever imagined; it's such an amazing city! I've been here a year, and still feel as though I can still find more to do, more weekend trips, more coffee shops and places to go out, more crazy random adventures. It is really interesting to compare the work culture here to home; at times its hard to know where to be, what to want. So many stories, even in the last week...

From top left: Mark, Joelle, Phillipe, Howard, Jens, Sapna, Kristin M, Sean, Vivi, Kristin G, Roland
Pizza @ Kristin's 1-year-Anniversary with Singapore! Kristin celebrated her one year day in Singapore, Sean and I our last weekend in the city, with Canadian Pizza (ironically from Malaysia) and Sarpino's Pizza (from Canada), and Singaporean beer. Left: Roland & the Pizza more early morning, crazy times, so many people. Half our MRT pubcrawl team came out on Wednesday night. Same bands, 9 pm to 4 am, Joelle's crazy dancing, a search for a "lost" purse, three hour freeflow....I am going to miss the parties!

Far Coast ... would you believe that I found a NEW coffee shop? My last few weeks here, and we stumble upon Far Coast...right on Orchard Road, just a place we never bothered looking. All day breakfast (ok, tiny, but still good!), choose-your-roast espresso and cocoa drinks, comfy sofas, great atmosphere.

Left: Kristin G @ Far Coast

Last MOS Night...
Clarke Quay, Singapore's central nightlife, one more time. Ministry of Sound ofcourse, the Pump room, McD's for disgusting egg mcMuffins. Not to mention our pub-crawl on foot, to the Cheers & 7-11 on the way.

Simply Bread...the next afternoon. Another Singaporean ex-pat delight I find in my last days. Fresh baked bread, right in Robinson Quay and city centre as well...great coffee, awesome sandwiches. Real bread!!! This and Werner's Oven; I'll be back for both!

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