Friday, August 17, 2007

Edmonton: Home for Now

Two weeks have passed since my plane landed; I'm still in deja-vu mode. Like walking into the past, walking back to last year...Whyte Ave, South Edmonton Common, West Edmonton Mall, the University of Alberta campus. While it's great to see everyone again, find old friends, to go for coffee, to spend my days in job interviews... 2 weeks may be the beginning of the end of my stay here.

Europe-bound, I will spend my days working to save, nights brushing up on foreign language skills, weekends painting, catching up with friends and studying for that GMAT test in case a Master's program in Europe finds its way into my life.

So while my life this year may not be as exciting as our Singapore beach weekends, cultural 4 day trips & crazy Reisegruppe Alkohol adventures, I will continue this blog. Please keep checking back; I'll do my best to keep it exciting---so far California is on the list for the fall, India & a stop in Singapore close to Christmas.

Here's a couple pictures of me back at home:

From left: Me & Camille with Minnie & Tigger, her two poodles, and Santino, Sacha's new Boston Terrier puppy!

Check out Tino's very own blog!

Also, I got home just in time for Edmonton's annual Fringe Festival (plays, music, street performers and the like). Stephanie and I spent the evening watching a couple of random plays; the first a comedic story of lesbian lovers with a political edge, the second a twisted, plotless, dance of drunken lovers looking for meaning in life.

While Our Kind of Love is An Ugly Love deals with the acceptance of homosexuality, the expression of love for the sake of status (through marriage), and the need to embrace our feelings, Something Red throws the violence and pain of relationships into one emotional frenzy. The choreography of the dance movements is skilled, yet little clue is given as to what or why events actually occur. An unemployed criminal, university student, ex-"streetboy", and a working woman in a drunken stupor and broken relationships. Craziness!

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Anonymous said...

Of course I still read your blog... Can't wait to hear more about your adventures (job hunting, etc) back home. Keep us posted on what you are up to.

Singapore misses you!