Saturday, August 04, 2007

Farewell Singapore; I'll be back!

A couple last nights wandering the city with friends. It's only once you leave that you realize everything you'll miss...from the nightlife to techie malls to the cheap fresh fruit juice. I'm hoping to do a few days stopover on the way back from India in December. And all of you in Europe, I'll be there next year! This post is mostly for the pictures, and the memories...

Left: Damien, Sapna, Kristin G, Kristin M
Below: Kristin & Kristin @ Loof Bar, Centre picture (from left): Sonja, Mark, Herman, Anne, Sean, Jens, Roland

Kristin & Sapna@ Insomnia
Kristin, Kristin, Sabrina, Jens
Mark, Sapna, Kristin

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