Friday, August 24, 2007

The Parallel of Travel: Camille's Farewell & A Tour of Edmonton

Traveling is strange in that you say goodbye to people, yet always seem to meet them again. While Camille departs today for her Qatari adventure, Dave, a friend I met on the Kiwi Experience bus in New Zealand, showed up on Edmonton's doorstep. A tourist in my own city, we wandered the 8-block West Edmonton Mall complex, rode the Mindbender (world's longest indoor roller coaster), people watched at the Waterpark, and ate at the Greek stalls in the food court. It's always fun to watch tourists expressions as you tell them that yes, WEM has a mini-golf course, waterpark, amusement park, glow-in-the dark golf, casino, hotel, ballroom, billiards club, submarine, Santa Maria replica, not to mention the flamingos.
Dave & Sapna at Professor WEM's mini-golf, & Dave with his Nemo game prize.

Camille's farewell party was a fun night at Brewsters, with blueberry and raspberry beer (ok, so I'm not sure there's anywhere other than Brewsters that actually makes beer that tastes like blueberry and wheat pancakes, but it's good! I guess wings night and baseball games made the lounge packed, but that made it all the better!

Natasha, Sapna, & Camille: Saturday's breakfast at Moxie's (great despite our hungover waitress!)

Wednesday's Brewsters pics:

From top left: Camille & Evelina, Adam, Brad, Camille, Evelina,
Camille & Olivia, Camille & Sapna, Camille & Shelly
Have an awesome trip Camille!...Check out her blog for updates.

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