Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fall Changes

It seems impossible to believe Autumn was my favorite season. Every year, I waited for the 2 weeks after summer that turn our beautiful weather ugly. In the days before Singapore, humidity and heat past 25 degrees were unbearable; now they are a missed pleasure. The leaves are already falling to the ground, although I have to admit for Edmonton we've had a great few weeks of Fall...some years we skip it entirely and head to the winter.

I wish I had more pics and stories but my life consists of the job hunt and finding some sort of normalcy after a year and a half of adventures. Hopefully, the job and money will flow in soon, and I'll be on my way to more travels. So stay tuned for exciting events and travels...hopefully coming soon!

Friday, September 14, 2007

A Walk in The Past

As I walk back into the past, Singapore seems a lifetime ago, not just 6 weeks. The freedom to travel to a different country every weekend, the cultural surprises, the crazy clubbing nights, the multicultural interactions; all past. I feel like a ghost---revisiting the days on campus, staying in my parents home, redoing countless job applications like I did for internships, studying for interviews, but this time a million times worse. It's strange to realize how much we identify with dressing up in a business suit and going to work, how familiar and important it seems to have that feeling of mediocre importance. Especially if you include the fact that I've signed up as a temporary office gopher for the next two weeks probably for less money than Starbucks pays.

What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger---and so I will fight to visualize my travels ahead. While a 3 week India trip seems a bit impossible if I get a job (which I need soon!), New York is on the calendar for November, California to surf hopefully some weekend soon, & Qatar and Frankfurt in March as long as that new job of mine will give me a few weeks holiday! In between this traveling madness I plan to fit in the GMAT, MBA school applications, maybe a language class and a job.

So here's to keeping the Singapore Lizard alive for future travels!