Friday, September 14, 2007

A Walk in The Past

As I walk back into the past, Singapore seems a lifetime ago, not just 6 weeks. The freedom to travel to a different country every weekend, the cultural surprises, the crazy clubbing nights, the multicultural interactions; all past. I feel like a ghost---revisiting the days on campus, staying in my parents home, redoing countless job applications like I did for internships, studying for interviews, but this time a million times worse. It's strange to realize how much we identify with dressing up in a business suit and going to work, how familiar and important it seems to have that feeling of mediocre importance. Especially if you include the fact that I've signed up as a temporary office gopher for the next two weeks probably for less money than Starbucks pays.

What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger---and so I will fight to visualize my travels ahead. While a 3 week India trip seems a bit impossible if I get a job (which I need soon!), New York is on the calendar for November, California to surf hopefully some weekend soon, & Qatar and Frankfurt in March as long as that new job of mine will give me a few weeks holiday! In between this traveling madness I plan to fit in the GMAT, MBA school applications, maybe a language class and a job.

So here's to keeping the Singapore Lizard alive for future travels!

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