Thursday, November 29, 2007

Canada: Winter, Hockey, & Cars

-27 degrees Celsius, icy roads, pickup trucks and hockey games...Alberta. You don't realize how much you loved sweating heat, heat rash, lizards, beaches and the ocean until you move back home. Although, ski trip plans will make their way into my winter this year, shivering in my car, slipping down the highway and shoveling snow are not my idea of fun.

After almost 4 months back in a country that was home for so many years in a row, I can't believe the reverse culture shock! At the same time, it's so great to see old friends and work in a Canadian office environment. No unpaid overtime, awesome pay, tons of vacation and flexibility, flat line hierarchies, and running into people you work with at the bar make me realize why people stay.

Below: Sapna & Michelle, a night out at Hudson's pub on Whyte Ave, the city's best collection of bars.
Michelle, Stephanie, Pascal

Working for a car company though...that's a challenge! I learn to become more knowledgeable about cars and hockey every day. Since we're the main sponsor of the Edmonton Oilers and Rexall Place, I've already been to my first two hockey games; I have to admit, they're fun! No doubt that Edmonton is a hockey town, but being back from a year away, I am just starting to realize the extent to which it matters to so many people. Too bad the Oilers are having a rough season!

The job is easygoing and fun; we get a chance to coordinate contests and incentives for car dealers, execute marketing plans, setup promotions with the Oilers and and fumble with excel spreadsheets and formulas. Kendra, another Marketing Specialist with us, and I have a fun time working together. We have even planned a Christmas party! Looks like business trips may even be on the horizon :)

The coming months will hopefully have more stories; likely tales a ski trip, a new apartment (I'm moving out!) an old used car, a New Year's celebration in New York and an awesome score on the GMAT (my ticket to Europe!!)

Thanks to my loyal readers....the Singapore Lizard should have more "tails" soon!

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natasha | sohobutterfly said...

Glad to hear that the new job is going well!! Sounds like a pretty cushy job. Not one I'd give up in a hurry, cos it's a luxury to (a) have a job and (b) actually like it!

I'm with you on the cold thing though - it's just plain NASTY!