Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Home for the Holidays: Four Christmases in Edmonton

For the first time in 3 years, I actually spent the entire Christmas holidays, not in New York or Thailand, but at home! With a week off work from my excellent new job, I got to shop, eat, cram in some extra yoga classes and chill.

Funny, I ended up with Four Christmases; since the parents decided to jet off to London to visit the family last minute, we celebrated with presents on the 23rd, and lunch at the Westin on the 24th. Great food!

The 25th was an amazing Christmas dinner with Camille and her family (reminded me of old times). So great to have her back from the desert for Xmas! (And thanks for the great pics below, Camille!) The 26th completed Christmas week with Boxing Day marathon shopping from 8 am to 12 noon (we beat the crowds at West Edmonton Mall!) and a great dinner at Stephanie's mom's place.

Camille & the After Eight, Sacha & her childhood stocking, Nathan letting Tigger open the gifts

Fittingly, Rishi, Rakhi and I also braved the theatre crowds to see Four Christmases, on the 25th. Definitely recommended; it's a lot more hilarious than expected!

Combined with several Christmas parties, including a couple great ones from work and Morgan's birthday party, it was a jampacked holiday season

From left: Meghan, Morgan, Laura Sapna & Stephanie

I've never had this much fun at work! Coworkers & Rockband, nice!

New Years 2008 was a night of Oilers & World Juniors hockey and makeup artistry with Camille (check out our model shoots!), and drinks with Stephanie, Meghan and friends. Completely sober on New I getting old??

Below: Sapna & Camille, the last day of 2008. Guess I'll be in e-town another year or two. Happy New Year, everyone!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My First Broadway

After Sheena, Christine and I attended The Lion King's Broadway in Canada preview cocktail party, right here in e-town, I decided to venture into Broadway plays as a form of entertainment. My closest attempts before this November were A Midsummer Night's Dream in London, and a really really close chance to see Chicago in New York last December (another 2 hours in line just wasn't worth it, with 4 days to see the entire city).

So, thanks to Sheena's aunt, we got tickets to the cocktail party, inclusive of yummy little appetizers, high class wine, and coffee and Bailey's at the conclusion of their sales pitch. The preview included a couple of the actors in costume, their songs, and a short video of how they made the costumes...we can't wait to go in July!

A week later, Stephanie W and I went to see Hairspray, an interesting take on the 60's, racism, and teen pop culture. While it was highly entertaining, I have to admit I like John Travolta's movie version better!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Ghosts & Crazies

Compared to last year's Thriller experience, this Halloween was a little more laid back. A small house party, with Wii games and crazy costumes, and a short walking ghost tour were the highlight of the week. Not to mention The Exorcism of Emily Rose, a gripping but freaky horror film we decided to throw in the DVD Halloween night!

Above: Sumo Wrestlers, A Fairy Princess, Mario, A Bunny & Iziza the cat,@ Steph K's place

Sheena and I decided to take walking tour, an interesting but choppy version of Edmonton's ghost pasts and histories. We can't wait to take Entity Seeker's Ghosts & Graveyards tour in the winter!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Jasper in the Fall: September Long Weekend

A trip to the Rocky Mountains is the perfect way to end off summer, so Sean and I decided to head out to Jasper. Even in the rain, the mountain range is breathtaking! My tiny little toy car didn't like the mountainous paths though...I guess a little 120 horsepower Hyundai Accent isn't meant for road trips! We took the gondola, wandered around the touristy town, and hiked down trails.

Not to mention the cutest little basement suite we rented from one of the town's residents. The Two Little Princesses Inn Hiking Boots was the only available suite on this busy long weekend...but it turned out to to be a charming, fairy tale like place!

Above: Michelle & Sean, Sapna in the Rocky Mountains, Miette Hot Springs

Michelle and Nicole happened to be hanging out at Miette Hot Springs, so we took an afternoon to get really hot (and then freezing cold) in the hot springs sulfur smelling pool, and walked down the paths to see the geological wonders (which I'm sure Michelle understood best). From the cute small town restaurants to the endless trails and walking paths, this mountainous adventure was the perfect end of summer break.

Next up: Radium Hot Springs in the winter, and possibly winter camping!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

August Long Weekend: Camping in Two Hills!

Two Hills??? Yeah, that's what I thought too....a small, small town with 3 liquor stores and not much else, was the only campground left available a week before August Long Weekend. At $12 a night with free firewood, no liquor restrictions and sunshine most of the day, it was quite the deal! Let's just say that the one thing their not missing on their barren roads, is the rookie RCMP officers.

Probably the most unprepared Girl Guides ever (the last time Steph and I went camping together was, yes, Girl Guide camp in 1999!), we showed up on a tight budget, with a saucepan, plastic dishes and some veggie dogs. Needless to say, I found a way to have my cappuccinos

Below: Yes, Crime Watch in Two Hills, Alberta. For all those hooligans!
Really...all there was to do was run through farmer's fields. Thanks to Google and Blackberry, we made it to the actual town, to refill our small drinking supply...

Heritage Days back in e-town was a great end to the long weekend. 33 degrees (finally, SUMMER!), and a day filled with cultural festivities. From the Hawaiian hula dance to the Celtic riverdance style steps, we watched a variety of award-winning performances and sampled some different food, like the famous Hungarian Langos and the Guatemalan spiced mangos. If only the Canadian winters didn't exist!