Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Years in New York!

After a day and a half of touristy havoc, I met up with Pam and her sister Jess to prepare for the New Years extravaganza. Little did we know that the glamorous "Ball Drop" really holds all the glamour of an 8 hour queue, sans alcohol, bathrooms, or available food. I thought Singaporeans were the experts at joining queues, but you should see the tourists in New York on December 31st! Needless to say, locals avoid the annual havoc and let the tourists flock at 4 pm sharp to join the 8 hour queue. We got there at 4:02 and were 10 blocks away from the screen!

Since a lot of my job is event planning, the marketeer in me found New York's organization of the event appalling. Even 10 blocks into a 40 block line, we could barely see the screen. Advertising screens were used to display nothing at all, rather than movies, ads, or something creative to manage the line. Police presence, however, was perfectly planned. At least the cops could control the crowd! Police and garbage zambonis quickly cleared up the mess on the streets an hour after midnight.

New York State...please ask the Disneyland planners for some queue management tips next year!!

Elaine in the Aftermath
Central Park the next morning was rainy but still beautiful. Elaine, Jess, Pam and I wandered the empty streets of New York on January 1st and rang in the New Year with a photoshoot! Not to mention a visit to Pam's work, the Turtle Bay Music School.

Left: Pam & Jess in Central Park

Check out the slide show for my last few days of Adventures in New York. For newbies to my blog, just a couple tips: to adjust the slideshow speed by clicking in the top right hand corner of the black box, and click on the picture while the show is playing for more details.

For an insider's look at the New York life, check out Pam's blog!

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