Monday, February 25, 2008

Toronto: A Weekend of Business, Cars & Wine

Event management turns out to have an awesome side; the event! After months of planning a contest incentive program, I flew out to T.O with the winners to soak up the sunshine, International Autoshow, basketball and hockey.

Left: Renaissance Hotel Downtown, Toronto

After years of staying in first hotel since I was 14 was quite the experience! The Renaissance Downtown Toronto took amazing care of us; it's located right downtown by the CN Tower and the front desk responds to your every demand. While my first three days were running around making sure the events ran smoothly, I did learn a little about Torontonian sports culture. Raptors (their basketball team) fans are crazy, and undoubtedly hold an intense hatred for their former player, Vince Carter.

The Hockey Hall of Fame was an interesting visit; although I can tell you that Wayne Gretzky's restaurant is definitely not as classy as it looks online!
One comment on the Leafs hockey (having gone to a grand total of 6 Oilers games now!)....Edmontonians are definitely better at cheering on their home team! (Looks like I may be turning into an Oilers fan...who would have thought?!)
Reisegruppe Alkohol: Partially Re-united.
Saturday and Sunday were by far the the highlight of my trip. Kristin and I re-united for wine, cheese, the Autoshow and a tour of Toronto! With a "suite" place to stay in, Autoshow tickets and Kristin's knowledge of the city, we got to check out great coffee places, a chocolate factory "Food of the gods" they tell me, the historical Distillery district, cute shops, not to mention the perfume section at Holt Renfrew (anyone shopping for men's cologne: check out Jon Malone...yum).

Check out the slide show for pics of our adventure (For those of you who don't remember or are new to the site, click on the top right corner of the slide show to adjust the speed and click into the photos to see their descriptions)

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