Thursday, March 20, 2008

Four Days in Californ-i--a!

Two months after an amazing trip, I finally find the time to write about Orange County, California....the best St. Patrick's Day ever! Finally reunited, almost two years after my Calgary adventures, Julie and I jam-packed three and a half days with fun in the warmest winter vacation yet!

Friday afternoon was a bright and sunny start to our weekend...a quick stop at Newport Beach (even California isn't warm enough to surf in March!), milkshakes at Ruby's diner, and a driving tour of the cute little city of Brea, California. Towns don't exist in this beautiful state...just mini-cities full of your regular stores, but designed with classy architecture...cities, all connected with super fast highways on which luxury cars are more common than not!

Friday night, I discovered California's wine...$3 bottles of white Gallo at Ralph's superstore were a wonder on the wallet!

We spend Saturday afternoon driving around in the sunny California weather. The highlight was definitely Fashion Island, checking out some awesome stores and getting some makeup tips from Lancome's metrosexual staff...who were appalled at our lack of mascara and eyeliner knowledge!

Saturday night, it was back to Brea, a cute little city for movie night, and Julie's apartment for hot tubs, takeout food and more wine....Check out the SLIDE SHOW below to see the best pics.

Sunday was quite the experience....Walt Disney's Club 33 (a pretentious little restaurant...but we got in free and cheap tickets to California Adventureland and Disneyland!) first real roller coaster

Monday we jam-packed St Patrick's Day fun into the morning before I had to catch my flight....Venice beach and pancakes on a beautiful morning. What an amazing state!

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