Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A British Weekend

After four years, it was a great entrance back into the European world...a weekend in England! Just a chill weekend, hanging out with cousins, my grandma, and family I hadn't seen in years.

We started our journey with a three hour detour from the London Heathrow airport back to Dartford, Kent, with my cousins Pavan and Tina. Normally a one and a half hour trip, this turned into a random journey, as we were at the mercy of the Tom Tom GPS! Called "SatNav" in the British world, this little piece of technology took us through the same tunnel twice, through London rather than around it, and left us stuck in that wonderful London traffic. We did, however, see a rather interesting undertaker's sign, blatantly advertising burials for people of all religions, with religious signs in their window's shop. We bury anyone!!!

Our weekend consisted of countless games of Wii Golf, fun & games with Simba the Ulsatian, and 4 years of catching up...hence the lack of abundant pictures!

1. Sunny & Nia, dinner at Sidcup Place
2. Sonia in the tiny town of Crayford
3. From Back Left: Sunny, Nia, Uncle Steve, Tina, Sapna, Sonia, Aunty Viniti

4. From Left: Tina, Nia, Uncle Steve, Uncle Ramesh, Sunny, Jhaiji, Aunty Neelam, Sapna, Aunty Viniti, Sonia...and ofcourse, Simba.

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Anonymous said...

Aaahhhh Sapna! What do we all look like in these pics! Just kidding! It was lovely to see you again, and although we didn't get up to much at all I hope we created some happy memories for you nevertheless! You can't argue that we didn't give you a very typical lazy Seabrooke weekend lol! Keep safe on the rest of your travels, and come back soon! :) Hugs, Sonia! XxXxXxXxXx